If your reading this because your thinking about having reflexology, stop thinking and book with Ali.

Given this was my first experience i didn’t know what to expect but from the cheery greeting to 5* treatment room and explanation, i was soon at ease. As soon as Ali started treatment i was fuzzy and chilled, its a strange feeling, its like your whole body is having a deep tissue massage. Now this bit is bonkers….. Ali identified 2 issues, one my sternumĀ  (which id strained a muscle doing kettle bells) However this has floored me….she explained that an area of both my feet felt gritty which was my urinary tract and told me to keep an eye on the area in case of urinary infections etc in the future which ive never suffered with. I was intrigued so picked up a test from Boots and guess what???? I had a UTI and after a visit to the GP to confirm was put on a course of antibiotics!! I give Ali 5* and recommend that you give it a try! you certainly wont be asking for your money back, she is fab, knowledgeable and has 5* ethics…Treat yourselves its worth it!!