I met Alison at a networking meeting and it was the first time that I had heard if bio resonance. The way Alison explained how it works made sense to me.
After 3 years of chronic hip and back pain each winter that reduced me to becoming housebound, on crutches and having to have help in to help me around the house, I felt that the investment into bio resonance was worth it to see if it would help.
I had a phone call to complete a questionnaire so that it could be programmed specifically for me.
When I arrived, Alison told me that my programme included

Pain for my back
Anxiety and depression

It was such a relaxing process, the treatment room was truly beautiful and relaxing. With the menopause I was experiencing brain fog. Halfway through being on the machine I felt the brain fog lift! I found that I could think clearly again. I wasn’t expecting such immediate results.
I am now 2 months after having treatment and I am in no pain, fully mobile, and definitely not housebound any more. The hot flushes that were unbearable are no where near as bad. The brain fog is much less and I have just passed another accountancy exam. I feel like I have my life back and I cannot thank Alison enough.
I would 100% recommend bio resonance with Alison to anyone