I contacted unique pulse as my dog had become increasingly worried by fireworks and loud bangs. This didn’t affect her as a young dog but as she aged the problem arose and worsened year on year. Alison met us and took a sample of my dogs fur which she explained she would use as dogs obviously can’t be connected to a machine. I still do this day don’t fully understand how it works but I saw an improvement in my dog almost immediately. She became much more confident and no longer terrified or indeed phased at all really by loud sounds. My basic understanding is, the machine works by almost doing a system reboot, almost resetting the body if you like. We know our bodies work because of electrical impulses ( brain sends impulses to move a leg for example) through series of synapses. Sometimes these frequencies go astray for various reasons and bio resonance therapy helps to resettle everything.) I was suspicious it was a new fangled thing but on researching it a bit it’s been around for years ( Think the Chinese and chi, yin and Yang, acupuncture !) I was a bit sceptical yes , but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It gave me a different dog. Alison can’t and won’t ‘ diagnose’ as thats solely the remit of a veterinary surgeon or doctor but the machine flags up ‘ areas of interest ‘ which often means you can then approach your pets vet for further discussion / investigation as needed. If you are struggling( physically or emotionally )! or your pet then it’s worth a try . You may, like me, be very pleased with the results.