Relax / Re-balance / Revitalise

Tired, stressed, anxious, depressed or suffer with pain? Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or under the weather?

Here at Unique Pulse we offer a fast, non-invasive, drug free holistic solution to help re-set and re-balance your body, mind and spirit helping you feel yourself again in no time.

About us

My name is Alison,

My journey into becoming a Reflexology therapist and Bio-resonance practitioner stems from a long battle of my own with depression and anxiety. Having seen many therapists, and been prescribed a shopping basket of antidepressants throughout my life I hated the way I became disconnected with myself, family, friends and the world around me.

As I grew older I found myself going through the stages of peri menopause, my stress and anxiety levels grew and I became a shadow of my former self so decided to do some in-depth research into relaxation, Neuro science and new technologies behind treatments. My partner suggested I try Bio-resonance therapy and I must admit I was very sceptical at first however after my first treatment I was so impressed with the results that I decided there and then that I wanted to train to offer this service to other people. I am also fully trained in Reflexology and level 3 Anatomy and Physiology and find clients appreciate the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of the therapy.