Distance / Remote Therapy

How does it work?

An initial consultation will be needed to start either by phone / internet or in person and once I have the following important information:

  • Your full name and address, phone number and email address
  • A completed questionnaire discussed during consultation
  • Medical history / current medication taken
  • A bio-sample (usually hair) which you will need to send to us prior to your session.

Once we have received your Bio sample we will post your E-pendant directly to you and arrange a suitable time for you to either be holding or wearing it, in order to begin the remote session.

Once the session has started the E-pendant will align to your energy field and begin to emit balancing resonance patterns specifically chosen to help areas that need attention throughout your body to help re-align and re-harmonise you.

The E-pendant works best as long as it is kept close to your body eg worn as a necklace or kept in your pocket or under your pillow at night. The pendants contain a radio frequency tag inside which hold your tailored programme so it is not advisable to get them wet, so if showering or bathing please remove them.

The best thing about remote sessions is You don’t have to be here whilst the E-lybra 9 balances you (which might may take several hours.) The resonance patterns are transmitted to you and to the Pendant remotely giving you more “you time.”

When you are ready to top up your therapy or you wish to change your programme simply speak to us to organise another session.


*Please note that remote therapy requires the programme to run for a longer length of time.

Full 6hr balancing session including full scan, re-alignment, tailored programme, brief summary of report E-pendant and a 15 minute follow up call within 10-14 days after treatment.


Top up sessions of 6hrs are priced at £120

In order for us to keep your pendant fresh and relevant to your needs we do advise top up sessions of between one to three months depending on your needs.