Does your pet have issues??

Do you have a pet that suffers with muscle, skeletal, digestion problems? Or maybe psychological issues?

Maybe you own a horse that spooks easily or bites & kicks? Maybe you have a dog with anxiety issues or that doesn’t like to travel?

Maybe you have a cat who wont settle or a bird who keeps pulling out their feathers??

Pets are like humans and come with their own individual personalities and health issues, but what if there was a non evasive way of helping them?

This gentle, holistic therapy can be used in harmony with any current prescribed medication from your vet. Using the bodies own frequencies to remove imbalances within the body and re-setting the natural rhythm helping to boost the immune system, calm anxieties and promote overall health whilst combating the stress and discomfort that ailments and behavioural habits can cause an animal.

How does it work?

An initial consultation will be needed to start either by phone / internet or in person and once I have the following important information:

  • Your pets name and age
  • Your address, phone number and email address
  • What the issues are
  • Medical history / current medication prescribed
  • A bio-sample (usually hair or feathers) which you will need to send to us prior to your session.

Once we have received your pets Bio sample it is placed into the E-Lybra system and a full psychological and physical scan will be run over a few hours for the system to detect any areas that need re-aligning. A tailored frequency programme designed to help your pet with any ailments, disorders or behavioural issues that were discussed will be sent to the pendant and held within the frequency tag inside.

Once the E-pendant is programmed we will simply post it back to you, the pendant works best as long as it is kept close to your pets body eg worn attached to a collar, plaited into a main or tail, attached to a rug, hung in a cage or placed under their bedding. It is not advisable to get them wet, so if  bathing your pet please remove them.

The frequencies will start to resonate as soon as the pendant is within a few inches of your pets body allowing them to receive the magnetic energies that will start to help and adjust any issues of concern.


Sessions are £50

Gift Vouchers are available upon request