What is it?

Bio-resonance works on the science that all living things resonate their own energy fields within the body. Under a scientific microscope every part of our body, organs, blood cells, bones etc all vibrate.

Throughout our lives we encounter many stresses, strains and frequencies which can interfere with our internal natural vibrations causing the patterns to become blocked or out of sync which in turn opens us up to becoming ill by not allowing our systems to work to their full healthy potential.

The E-Lybra 9 system scans and detects any imbalances in frequencies within the body then formulates and sends back the correct energetic frequency patterns devised by specialists, allowing the body to reset back to its natural balance.

Treatment is a gentle non evasive, painless, complimentary, energy therapy based on modern day Biophysics which can help aid the immune system and assists the body to reduce toxin or stress levels.

Therapy will NOT cure an illness but helps to re-install and harmonise the body’s natural energy flow, helping to improve general health and wellbeing.

What can it help with?

Here is just a few! But there are so many please email us to ask.

General “feeling under the weather”,   Menopause Symptoms,  Emotional Issues,  Allergies / intolerances, Cardiovascular issues, Depression,  Anxiety,  PTSD,  Bipolar disorder,  Trauma, Digestive Disorders,   Neurological disorders,  Skin Conditions,  Muscular and Skeletal problems,  Infertility, reproductive and urinary systems,  Strengthening of the immune system ,  Immune Disorders,  Sporting Excellence, performance and injury, Fibromyalgia.

What to expect in clinic

You will be connected to the E-Lybra 9 system via comfortable wrist straps and small electromagnetic pulses are sent via the wrist straps through your body and the system runs a programme to scan and detect any blocked frequencies both psychologically and physically.

A specifically designed E-Pendant with a microchip is allocated to you and is placed inside the E-Lybra system at this point.

Once the scan is complete the system hand picks from hundreds of thousands of programmes and re-introduces the correct frequencies back to the areas needing re-alignment, on completion we then run your personalised programme which is tailor made to deal with any discussed ailments, disorders or injuries you would like to address, so all that’s left to do is lay back and relax!

( personalised programmes are discussed in the 30 minute free phone call consultation prior to your appointment.)

E-Pendants “The magic bit”

E-Pendants are where the real magic happens!

Made from a mineral compound that holds a subtle electromagnetic field and contains a unique numbered radio frequency tag which is specifically assigned to you. The pendants are placed inside the E-Lybra system during your therapy session and any correctional frequencies the system sends to you are also programmed into the pendant.

Once your therapy session is over the pendant should be either worn around your neck, placed in your pocket or under your pillow in the evening so your therapy can continue!

Once the resonance patterns in the e-pendant start to find and deal with any imbalances after a while you will start to find the e-pendant seems to create less changes. To keep a steady flow of progression we need to keep the resonance patterns stored in the e-pendant refreshed at regular intervals to keep you feeling balanced. Intervals of one to three months seem to work well for people to receive top ups however, if you feel you are struggling or have a hectic / stressful schedule, you may wish to boost your sessions and up them to weekly treatments and longer resonance sessions.


The initial session including full body scan, tailored programme and E-Pendant is usually 4hrs long so we generally split the therapy into two sessions a week apart, the first session being 2.5hrs and the second being 1.5hrs total cost is £150

(Please be aware we require a £100 non refundable deposit at time of booking for the initial session)

Top up therapies are 1.5hrs long costing £50

Targeted areas such as an injury / sporting injury are 1.5hrs long costing £80 per session and includes an E-Pendant.

Remote therapy is available upon request please see remote page for pricing.